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I wanted to take a moment to update the status of the website.

I know that I have not be active in over a year. It has been a struggle the past two years to find the words to say. It has been a spiritual battle and one that I am not currently in a position to fully describe. I appreciate everyone that has continued to visit the website and more importantly I am grateful, eternally grateful, to those who have kept me and my family in prayer.

I have felt the Holy Spirit urging me to refocus my efforts to monitor the events in and around Israel and other research that is suitable for the website.

Over the past two years I have wrestled with taking the website down, at times feeling that I had misspoke and put up items stemming from emotion and flesh rather than Spirit. I am not a perfect person and am not exempt from making mistakes or errors. I don't feel that this gives me a reason to quit either.

I am requesting prayer from those who still visit the site, that I would receive guidance and direction from the Holy Spirit as to how to move forward with posting items on the website.

My silence has been long and without explanation. I feel that it is time to no longer remain silent and pick up where I left off, Lord willing.

God bless, daniel


June 29, 2015 
Heavenly Father,
I woke up with the same weaknesses as yesterday, the failures of my past still weigh. I want to be a stronger man and move out from the shadows of the past. Despite my attempts I keep coming back to apologize for my failings. I need strength O Lord! I need strength to resist the temptations of flesh and the shadows of the past. I need joy O Lord! I need joy to pierce the darkness and lift me from the pit. I need your hand O LORD! I need Your hand to pull me out of the past and to guide me in the present and through the future. I need you O LORD! I need You to save me again and to forgive me time and again. I love you Father and Your dear Son, Holy Spirit dwell within me and silence the fleshly man. Amen


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