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Bibi's Day of Confirmation

| mon, march 3, 2013|

Bibi had confirmed today what I believe he has known for some time:   if Israel’s security is left in the hands of the American President his diplomacy will ensure that there won’t be a nation state of Israel left to defend.

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As We Approach Monday

| fri, february 28, 2014|

Lately I have had the same vision playing over and over in my head. I had a vision of a person standing on the edge of a cliff.

Before the feet of this person just a few inches away lay a huge abyss. . . . Then I saw the word ISRAEL appear in front of the man.

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Two-Faced Push for Peace

| wed, january 22, 2014|

I find it of no coincidence that as Secretary of State Kerry is preparing to unleash the latest US-led "peace" initiative, the second round polar vortex has taken shape and set its sights on the Northeast, specifically Washington, D.C.

The House of Nets : Blindness

| thurs, january 16, 2014|

One must first be blind in order to see. It is in blindness that we first find faith. When blind, you must rely on an outside source to “see” past the infirmity shrouding you in blindness. The blind always reach out, so we too must have our eyes closed in order to reach out in faith to Hashem.

Prayer is much like being blind. We cannot see Hashem, or His throne, the angels of heaven, or the sea of righteous, yet we reach out in faith expecting to touch heaven and hear the voice of our LORD.


2. 8 . 2 0 1 1
Heavenly Father, who can change the seasons with a word? Neither by man, nor by his might doth the earth spin.
Who can create light by the rushing of his breath? Can man blow into the soil and create life?
Can a man command the wheat or the maze to bear its fruit?
Who is mighty before Your eyes O, Lord? Who, of the seed of man, has yet to create a thing?
Without You, my GOD, man is as the ostrich. Which leaveth her eggs in the earth, and warmeth them in the dust, and forgetteth that the foot may crush them, or that the wild beast may break them.
She is hardened against her young ones, as though they were not hers: her labor is in vain without fear; because GOD hath deprived her of wisdom, nether hath He imparted to her understanding. -Job 39:14-17
Keep me humble O, LORD. I am capable of nothing righteous, only filthy rags.
I have created nothing, nor have I spoken a word of power that has brought forth light or the power of life upon or within the soil.
It is only through your grace O, LORD that wisdom and understanding is granted unto the mind of man.
I consist and exist by Your Word, Your Son, JESUS CHRIST. I find my strength and purpose only in Your plan.
My Comfort is found only in Your HOLY SPIRIT. Praise the LORD!
The seasons change by His Word and the earth spins by His direction. He hath created Light to pierce the darkness that comprehended it not.
By His breath man came to exist, out of soil He brought life. All the fruits of the field produce as a result of His instruction and yield their plenty at His command.
No man is great in the eyes of the LORD. Praise the name of the Father, the Son, and the HOLY SPIRIT!
By the Blood of CHRIST we are healed and consist.
Rejoice in His understanding!


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